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PAST Urban Fairy Events
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Planned and unplanned happenings.

Ann Arbor Book Festival

May 15-18, 2008
Saturday, May 17:

(near Hill Auditorium)

I had a table with books, posters & cards for sale.
The UFO Cumooter 2006 was also on display

May 15– 18, 2008
I met a bunch of great people. Including fairy illustrator, Grayson!

I was kept busy signing and illustrating a heap of books.

Jackson, Michigan
The Fairy Festival will took place on Sunday, April 13 from 12-noon to 4 p.m.
at Art 634
I was scheduled to be there from 12-2 signing books and answering questions.

I ENDED up being there the full time! It was a lot of fun. I signed a heap of books, met some really neat people. The Fairy FEstival was well attended even with 40° temps and SNOW!

I think there will be some pictures from the event soon...?
(I was a bit too busy to take many myself)

From Nomad Bookhouse's web-site:

Sunday, April 13: 1st Annual Fairy Festival
(Co-Sponsored by Pink Heels and Art 634)
Celebrate the arrival of spring and the fairies at Art 634. Jonathan Wright, official fairyologist and author will be present reading excerpts from his book. There will be fairy activities including the creation of fairy artwork, tea party, face painting, scavenger hunt, and more.

Event Time: 12 noon to 4 p.m. Cost: Free!

Meet the Author

I was at Nicola's Books

at 6pm, Monday, November 12, 2007

For a "Who's Behind the Fairy Doors?" booksigning
& interactive fairy drawing* with Jonathan
illustrating type drawing not fairy-winning type drawing)

> CLIK < to read about the event and see pictures.


I attended the FaerieCon in Philadelphia October 12-14, 2007.

My photos and observations will be on THIS PAGE.

Faerie Magazine

A 3 page article on "Who's Behind the Fairy Doors?"

is in Faerie Magazine's Autumn 2007 edition.

Book Signing
"Who's Behind the Fairy Doors?"
Borders Books Store #1
612 East Liberty, Ann Arbor
(734) 668-7652

Saturday, August 25, 2007, 1:00 pm

The signing was a lot of fun. Samuelina & Delaney both came along to help. Several thousand pounds of people attended! Some came from as far away as Seattle and Chicago. Maddie from page 4 of "Who's Behind...?" was also there!
Here I am with Delaney. Samuelina shot the picture.
This is Isabel, one of the first in line.
This is Maddie, with her beautiful contribution to
"Who's Behind the Fairy Doors?" on page4.

the Rolling Sculpture Car Show

Friday, July 13, 2007
Downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan

It was a fun opportunity to see
the 2006 UFO Cumooter ~ alternative fuel fairy mobile
pictures of the 2007 show

PeZz has once again entered the car show with his unique invention;
the highly impractical and improbable Vernors™ fueled, three wheel fairy mobile with Mentos™ oberthruster.

A "Who's Behind the Fairy Doors?" book signing at

Sweetwaters Café
123 W. Washington,
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 769-2331
ON Saturday, July 7, 2007
That was a lot of fun! I got a chance to meet with and talk to a bunch of people who
I had only heard from via e-mails. Including, Rachel, who located a missing Journal at Jefferson Market AND provided a fine photo of a fairy entering the interior fairy door at Jefferson Market (
back when there WAS an interior door).

I was bummed that I did not take any photos!

May 17– 20, 2007

Ann Arbor Book Festival

May 17-20, 2007
OUR TABLE was ONLY on Saturday May 19, 10am - 5pm

I had a table with books, posters & cards for sale.
The UFO Cumooter 2006 was on display
(PeZz, the Cumooter's inventor was a "no-show").
I answered most questions (evaded others...
"hey! what's THAT!?>"*).
I gave a presentation on Sunday, May 20.
Appearance Details:

Event: Ann Arbor’s Fairy Door Connection
Name: Jonathan Wright
Sunday, May 20, 1:00 – 2:00 pm
Michigan Stage, Lecture Room 1, Modern Language Building
On the corner of Washington and Thayer Sts.
on The University of Michigan central campus.
(behind Hill Auditorium adjacent to Burton Tower)

Book sales and signings are immediately followed the session.

(*it's a diversionary technique for questions which will remain UNanswered)

Samuelina with D. J. MacHale...with his first book in the Pendragon series and my first book... ever. He bought a copy for his daughter, who is quite a fairy fan.

We are fans of his books... Delaney is the biggest fan, but she could not be there, because of prior commintments. RATS!

Circle of Art

The third annual Circle of Art benefit for Food Gatherers - a unique grassroots community project that brings together generous artists in a group show of hundreds of little works of art. Under the banner of "Small Works of Art for A Big Cause" the donated art is auctioned to raise money for Food Gatherers. You can view the entries here as they arrive and bid on them until May 19th 2007. You are invited to the big Circle of Art party on May 20th from 12:00-5:00pm at Saline Picture Frame Co. where all the pieces will be auctioned with all proceeds going directly to Food Gatherers.

(I could not attend the party because of our comittment to the Ann Arbor Book Festival. I wish we could have done both!)

My donation to the Circle of Art.

"Careful! She Bites"

entries can be viewed (bidding is closed):
Saline Picture Frame Company
There are 48 pages of entries
(456 contributions)...
HERE she is!

Thursday, May 17, 2007
about 11am

Live interview OOOOOO!!! (
it's only me)
on "Detroit Today" program
with Matt Watroba

Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Members Night
(for members only, but you can join)
"Flights of Fancy"

At the Hands-On Museum

The Topic of my talk (rambling) presentation is:
"The Flight of the Fairies"

(a near scientific investigation of Fairy Flight; migratory "flight" and loftiness.)

THIS WAS WORTH IT FOR ME if only for the fact that I met Claire!
Claire is 8 years old and knows at least as much as I do about the urban fairies.
Claire was at the museum with her dad and she was very pleasant and articulate.

As it turns out, I didn't give much of a "talk". I was mostly just "there" and answered questions the best I could.

I had hoped for a larger white board, but as it turned out the format of the event didn't lend itself to an interactive discussion on fairy flight. This was far from a "captive audience". LOTS of energy and exploring. Also the presence of the UFO Cumooter 2006 alternative fuel fairy car was distracting.

It was a lot of fun!

Perhaps another time there can be a "class" discussing flight... after all, I AM a
"Wright Brother".

The Urban Fairies Operation Table.
With maps, prototypes of our books, the UFO Cumooter, various large (formerly) flying insects, ANN ARbor Book Festival scavenger hunt check lists.

The Flat Fairies visit from North Carolina


Fairy Welcome party
at the Ann Arbor District Library, Down Town Ann Arbor.


January, 2007

The Rolling Sculpture Car Show!

Downtown Ann Arbor (MICHIGAN)
Friday July 14th, 2006 from, 2PM-10PM

Urban Fairies awarded "Golden Paint Brush"


Just for giggles, (in May 2006)
I got a table at the Motor City Comic Con
I had the posters, postcards and greeting cards
at a discounted price
and illustrations

OK did that.

Met a few nice people, but overall it was the wrong audience.
Most did not take the time to "get it". Those who did (take the time) seemed to really enjoy it.

My table
A young woman who had a couple FANTASTIC sketchbooks of dragons she had been collecting from illustrators over the years.
The dragon that I drew for her.
I added a bit of color...I had the bright idea to draw just about every scale on its body! It gave me something to do.

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