Fairy Droppings #1.

Also known as gifts for the fairies

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I am not quite clear why people are leaving "gifts" for the fairies. Some, I think, are showing goodwill in hopes that the fairies might come out. Others perhaps are bribing them in order to receive good luck.

One thing I have noticed about the fairies' reaction to the droppings; they seem to be collecting most of it. Many of the items left on the various stoops reappear inside the "store" within Peaceable Kingdom.

This is the first collection.
Click on the appropriate link to see the 2nd , 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th collections.

The droppings shown on these pages are only a small portion of what is left for the urban fairies.

An Insight:

I stumbled upon a young lady and her mother and inquired•••••

Could you ask WHY she (Fiona) left the fairies a necklace? A kind thing to do, for certain. I am fascinated that so many people leave things for the fairies.

Fiona says she left the fairies a necklace for a couple of reasons.
1. It is probably hard to find things small enough for a fairy and so they might not have a necklace yet.
(She had made it as a ring for herself, but it frankly makes more sense as a necklace for a fairy,
being made of tiny beads strung on dental floss.)
2. She's never seen a fairy and she likes the idea of a fairy having something that was once hers.
3. She thinks some people might be mean to the fairies and so she wants them to know that
not all people are mean.

Fiona at Peaceable Kingdom.
December 2005

Her necklace was not to be seen. I suspect that the Fairies had already appropriated it. It did not seem to be in their "store", but there is a LOT of stuff in there and likely as not a fairy was wearing it.

August 7, 2005
Fairy Droppings at Selo-Shevel Gallery:

• A Pelican sticker.
• A plastic Banana
• some Nerds® candy
• 24 pennies
• Stalk of grass
• Red paper clip
• Pidgeon feather
• An acorn cap
• The basket courtesy of Peaceable Kingdom

August 7, 2005
Fairy Droppings at Peaceable Kingdom:

• A letter to Paloma
• A note from Alexis
• one dime
• 15 pennies
• The basket courtesy of Peaceable Kingdom

September 7, 2005
Fairy Dropping at Sweetwater Café:

< Check this out!

As promised in the journal; A pair of hand-knit fairy socks! The donor used #0000 needles. It is hard to see, but there are sparkles in the socks as well. Even the card was handcrafted with a sparkle-wing fairy stamp, a green grommet and deckled edge.

The card reads:

"Sorry if the socks are a little bit big. I used the smallest needle I could find - #0000! Maybe these could be holiday stockings?"

I was lucky enough to take this photo before they disappeared.

Can you
read this?>
Fairy Dropping
from Peaceable Kingdom
One pair of neatly knit fairy socks
This is what it says:

"Dear Fairies,
Do you know
Sprite? Will
you ever come
out? did you
like the penny?
ask your friend
if she liked the
jellybean. I hope
your friend did
like the jellybean
and I hope you
liked the shiny new
Love, Maya

September 8, 2005
Fairy Droppings at Peaceable Kingdom:

• 1 penny
• 7 Raisins

makes me wonder what raisins might do for a fairy's digestion!

October 15, 2005
Fairy Droppings The Ark:

• 1 penny
• 1 red glass "gem"
• 1 "eye charm"

October 15, 2005
Fairy Droppings Peaceable Kingdom:

• 1 penny
• 1 shell
• 1 quartz pendant

October 15, 2005
Fairy Droppings Selo-Shevel:

• 1 penny
• 1 Puka shell

November 14, 2005
Fairy Droppings Peaceable Kingdom:

• 1 "wild strawberry" Crayon
• 1 LIndt chocolate wrapper (folded)
• 1 Blue-chrome Mardi-Gras necklace
• 2 pink flowers
• 1 Quarter, 3 dimes, 3 Nickels, 13 Pennies

November 21, 2005
Fairy Droppings Peaceable Kingdom:

• 1 Pink feather
• 1 pigeon feather
• 1 black plastic flower barette (?)
• 2 black beads
• 1 ticket to the "Beetles"
• 1 enameled, copper "arrow head"
• 1 glass bead (on the door knob)

• 7 Pennies

January 16, 2006
Fairy Droppings at Peaceable Kingdom:

• 2 Pennies
• A baggy with red yarn, from Amina.
• A drawing of a fairy, from Amina (9 years old).

January 16, 2006
Fairy Droppings at Red Shoes:

• 2 lime? Tic Tacs®
• 2 "Fairy Write Book"-s & a miniature,
handmade pencil in a baggy,
from Amina.

January 16, 2006
Fairy Droppings at Sweetwaters Café:

• 2 Pennies
• A baggy with Pink glass beads,
from Amina.

< This was very kind and generous of Rachel!

I think that we do need to continue to be both kind and generous, like Rachel, but realize that the fairies do not seem to be be using money, certainly not OUR money.

Perhaps they have their own currency, but as far as I have observed they only collect it and never "spend' it.

It could be that they end up "trading" the coins at what ever value they find in them as plates or building materials or armor or good luck charms...?

MAYBE someday they will clue in that WE put a value on coins and actually buy something from us?

I do know that Rachel's gift is no longer in the window at Selo/Shevel. I hope the fairies have made good use of it and appreciate the sentiment behind it.
(I feel pretty certain they did and do).

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2005
Fairy Droppings at Selo/Shevel Gallery:

The note tells all:

"Dear fiarys,
sorry some one
broke your door.
so I desided to
give you $1.65
3 can:( <(Canadian) conies (pretty sure "conies" is coins..?)
2 candles and
beads. - Rachel"

< This was a bigfut scale cigarette package...
it was empty.

Now, I have never in my life seen nor heard of anyone ever seeing a fairy smoke. I think they know better!

Leprechauns, on the other hand, have been described as smoking meerschaum pipes.

No doubt the fairies enjoy the smell of the unburnt tabacco leaves, in much the same way they enjoy the smell of coffee and not the taste.

It was amazing to see the ancient fairy writing on the package!

Some people have speculated that the fairy writing is actually Arabic or Persian! HA, those same people cannot even READ those languages... so I figure that my guess is as good as theirs!

La lala lala la la.....I'm not listening!

Fairy Cigarettes found outside
the fairy door at Selo/Shevel Gallery

Smoking Causes Lung Cancer,
Heart Disease, Emphysema, And
May Complicate Pregnancy.

April 4, 2006 Fairy Droppings at Selo/Shevel Gallery:
Check this out! 3 fairy size hats...hand made...with two hat boxes!
How cool and cute are these!?

There is a tag on each hat with the following text:

Janet's Hat's
Hand Felted
100% Wool
Custom Orders

(no, I don't know who Janet is)
though i did speak to her!

I realised that with all the work I have been doing on the books, that I have not added quite a few of the photographs that I have been accumulating!

~jbw 1.20.06

Fairy Dropping at Sweetwaters Café:

• A scroll (rolled paper) letter tied with a ribbon.

Droppings #2
Droppings #3
Droppings #4
Droppings #5
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