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I did a video interview for Concentrate Media, an online publication covering Washtenaw County. The interviewing, "filming" & producing was done by Ascelon FIlms.

I am not sure when it will be posted.

Coming soon is the Kerry Town Book Festival.
Sunday, September 13, 2009. 11am-5PM

I hope to have custody of the UFO Cumooter. I will have books to sign and sell, as well as Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor posters, and cards, some fairy prints, oportunity to take the Fairyologist application test and become certified... and of course just talk about fairies

An interesting serendipitous event happened last week...

Some of Chris Gorham's Twitter photos:

Found a fairy door... on Twitpic... and a fairy box office window, with tickets to "Midsummer... on TwitpicOne Ann Arbor shop took fairy doors to a whole 'nother level.... on Twitpic

Gnome News


(later in the day)
A shot taken a few nights ago! A new fairy habitat! >
9.08.09> For the time being, I am trying out Twitter. Inspired by Chris Gorham's posts. I am not sure that I can keep up with yet another thing.
9.14.09> The back story on Chrius Gorham. I doubt that Chris would be looking here, but he gift was meant to be a surprise and I didn't want to spoil that.

We never did get to actually met Chris, because of the surprise and that Chris was working... too bad. But the Producer, MIke Farah, the writer/director, Chris Farah (Mike's brother) and the cousin were all really great people.

So this is the serendipetous happenstance:

I was restocking the UFO cards, books and posters at Sweetwaters café and that caught the attention of another customer there. He asked if I was responsible for the fairy doors. I told hm that I looked after hem and studied them... that I was a Fairyologist. He explained that his cousin was producing a movie here, in Ann Arbor, and that the lead actor had brought his wife and children with him. The actor and family LOVED the fairy doors. As it turns out, the producer was hoping to buy (!) a fairy door for the actor and family as a "wrap" gift (when the film "wraps"). I explained that I do not sell fairy doors. I directed the Sweewaters customer to Red Shoes Homegoods and gave him my card to pass along to his cousin.

On Friday, I received a call from the producer of "Trivial Pursuit". He restated his goal. I restated mine. A bit later I called Red Shoes to ask that they set aside a "fairy door" for the producer. He was there and got on the phone. HE had purchased a copy of "Who's Behind the Fairy Doors?" and aske dif I would sign it. He invited me to the last night of filming that night, where I could watch and sign the book.

Kathleen, Samuelina & I went downtown at 8PM, after dropping Delaney at a party, and hung around Ingalls plaza checking out the lights camera and action! The actor is, Chris Gorham (he plays the accountant on Ugly Betty). It seems that he has been Twittering about the fairy doors ever since they got to town.

I hope they enjoyed the book etc...
I don't think he ever Twittered about it. :(

The Kerry Town Book Festival went well. The weather was great! I signed and sold books, met some cool people... one family drove a long way just to see me and the fairy doors! Some people were tested and certified as Fairyolgists. I even saw a woman who looked just like I imagined one of the fairies from Kathleen's novel... only taller.
9.22.09> I wish I could spend more time on the updates and books!

I had a phone interview with a "news" service (mostly "silly" stuff) the other day. Today I received the 1st nibble... a request for an interview from:

"After Hours, the premier late night talk show in St Louis Mo."

ummm... I checked them out: the "
program airs from Midnight - 2 AM CST on KFNS". The middle of the night on AM<<< radio. heeheee AND it is a "comedy" show.... ay yi yi... I have done a few of these. I expect some serious ridicule. LOL Luckily I think I can take it. There certainly are many funny aspects of what I do and what I have seen.

... more better big time? Just got a phone call about an interview with a morning show on FM (whoo whoo) radio in Virginia.

I'm not sure if it will be live, but they are calling tomorrow, Wednesday the 23rd at 8:15AM.

Really good news is that the urban fairies' fairy "store" at The Peaceable Kingdom has a new window shade on their door. The original one finally tore, after many ups and downs. I think most people wouldn't notice the difference, but, of course, I am a fairyologist...hem hem.

9.23.09> The radio show (WNOR 99 FM, Virginia) was pretty much mockery, as expected. I think it went pretty well, though they probably would have preferred someone who went on about alien abductions and such. I hope they weren't too disappointed.

We shall see how the late night KFNS-AM goes. LIkely MORE loopiness at that hour.
Weeeee! Better than the radio interview...
The video Interview has been published.
So I stayed up waaaay past my bedtime for the AM "comedy" radio show. I forgot that St. Louis was an hour behind, so thier midnite show was my 1:00am torture. I expected silly, but these guys were just juvenile. Oh well, I rolled with it and tried to be poiite and not get sucked into the banalness.
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