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(June 2006)
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06.01.2006> Good News! news. That is supposed to be good news, right?
Plugging away at the book and illustrations. Still scouting for the right publisher.

Gnome News


06.02.2006> I am making some modifications and additions to the web-site... however, I think the casual visitor will never see them, as they are mostly for my own amusement. More as time and inspiration allows. Metro Parent magazine might do a piece on the Urban Fairies...for the July issue? I was interviewed by phone.
06.05.2006> Well... tonight is the City Council meeting where the Golden Paintbrush(es) will be awarded. Should be interesting. Also found out that the inner fairy door at Jefferson Market was "exploded"...again. Makes me fear for my own safety in my neighborhood!
I'll probably get mowed down by a hooligan on a Bigwheel.
06.06.2006> That was interesting! What a nice honor to be nominated for and to receive a Golden Paintbrush award from the Ann Arbor Commission on Art in Public Places (CAPP). I accepted it...on behalf of the urban fairies, but didn't get the opportunity to say so. No one (mercifully) got to make long ( or any) acceptance speaches.

I do want to thank my family; Kathleen, Samuelina and Delaney for coming along. My sister, brother in-law and eldest brother also came to show their support. I will also take this space to thank Josh and Phil for giving me the opportunity, support and work space to pursue this project.

Of course I thank all the businesses who put up with the infestations!; Jean (Jefferson Market), Lisa & Wei (Sweetwaters Café), Carol (Peaceable Kingdom), Catherine (Red Shoes), Caroline (Voilà), Elaine & Cynthia (Selo-Shevel Gallery), Lori (Ann Arbor Framing Company) and Richard, David and al (The Ark).

Some of these businesses were acknowledged as "Supporters" in the CAPP PowerPoint presentation, but I am afraid that might be misleading as to what "support" means. In this case it is not quite the same as Pfizer's "support" of Pigskins on Parade (another Golden Paintbrish winner).

I am not sure why The Ann Arbor Framing Company and Jefferson Market were omitted for their list.< so...I'll mention them AGAIN.

I think it is important to mention that CAPP has been in no way involved in the installation or conceptualization of the fairy doors. However, CAPP's acknowledgement of the phenomenon is very much appreciated.

06.07.2006> Refocusing on the books.
06.08.2006> Because I need the information for the Field/Journal Book...I am adding to the "background" web-page.
06.09.2006> Came to my senses (in some respects)...THAT was a kooky idea! Too much conflicting information. I'll stick to my own observations. YOU can draw you own conclusions and I will draw my own pictures.
AMMENDMENT: Lot's of strange noises coming from the shop! Stuff going missing too.
06.12.2006> Curious... it is a lot like the game "telephone" the misinformation that appears on the internet. I have found comments about the urban fairies which are getting further and further from the facts. How they are getting there, what their purspose is, even how they are editorial said that artists were painting them on....shrug. ~jbw
06.14.2006> I found the Golden Paintbrush pin from CAPP. It was inside the fairy "store"...I had looked earlier, but did not see it then. There is so much stuff, I might have overlooked it. ~jbw
06.15.2006> There was a HUGE jump in ticket "sales" (they are free) at the Ark overnight. 117 were "distributed". I sure hope they fell into good hands. ~jbw
06.16.2006> GUACAMOLEEES!!!

A light went on this morning. I had been thinking: "unsupervised children, unsupervised drunks"...but TODAY not only a huge amount of tickets out...but just dumped on the sidewalk were 114 tickets! 412 total from yesterday...FOUR HUNDRED.

Children? highly unlikely. Even the most irresponsible parent would not leave that kind of evidence. Drunks are just chemically enhanced (deminished?) stupids...but THIS this is getting beyond that...I am thinking GOBLINS. If it was goblins...I wonder if they were looking for something...or just in a jealous rage. ~jbw

06.19.2006> The Tickets still seem to be going faster than "one per customer". Maybe there are bigger crowds downtown than I realize? The inner door at Jefferson Market is still not's actually GONE now... except for the scrap of wood and brass hinges.
(My sister tipped me off to some bum links, which I fixed. I also noticed an error with the "Goblin" link above.) ~jbw
06.20.2006> In the past couple few days I have received e-mails about the urban fairies from Australia! Prior to these, England was the furthest correspondance. The internet is pretty amazing. ~jbw
06.21.2006> 316 tickets over one day seems like an extreme number. That is my count of tickets taken from the Ark fairy ticket window. That is over 1,000 in ten days!

There something else happening, but I have not yet figured it out...something fun and surprising....

Also working on scans and writing for the book... both quite time consuming.


06.22.2006> My mistake! I was thinking goblins...what we have it a case of stupid-human tricks. ANOTHER 500 tickets gone from the Ark over 24 hours...this time some more evidence left behind. 15 and 1/3 tickets were left behind on the sidewalk...the 1/3 piece was charred. Apparently some Homo-Habilis has discoverd fire. This is not the work of a goblin. Goblins have more common sense than that. A goblin certainly can be malicious, but does not play with fire.

I added another fairydoor page, which I SHOULD have done months ago!

I just received an e-mail from "The London Guardian":

Dear Jonathan,

Mel Bezalel, who I believe spoke to you about the fairy doors phenomenon in Ann Arbor, asked me to let you know when the feature is appearing in the Guardian. Well, it will be in our features section, G2, tomorrow (Friday June 23).

Thanks for all the help you gave Mel and Karin, and I hope you like the feature.

Best wishes,

Paul Howlett
production editor, G2

I think it will be on-line

06.23.2006> The London Guardian piece ran today. Apparently some people read the Gaurdian. This morning I received an e-mail from BBC radio Scotland requesting a phone interview.
The call was provoked by the Guardian's G2 article.

There was a more normal output of tickets yesterday. ~jbw

The BBC interview was LIVE!

There I was on hold... listening to a broadcast in the background... enjoying their great accents and I hear a lead in...something about J.M.Berry and clapping hands for fairies ... and having Jonathan Wright on the line...then I think I passed out.

Actually, I think I did ok. ~jbw

06.27.2006> Not such big news...cleaned out the garage over the weekend...Something has been living in there TOO! Probably several types of beings. ~jbw
06.28.2006> It was pointed out to me that I never mentioned on the web-site that Ann Arbor is in Michigan. OOOPS... kinda self-centered of me. I made a few minor changes here and there to rectify that. (not enough of a change to warrant an update-date) ~jbw
06.30.2006> Fascinating! I have had some correspondence with a coordinator of The Rolling Sculpture Car Show, which is scheduled for downtown Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN on July 14th, 2006.... apparently there is an entry by the fairies! I can't wait to see! ~jbw
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