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Members Night at The Ann Arbor Hands On Museum went well. I was bit rushed GETTING there because there was an "issue" with the book printer. I won't have copies of "Who's Behind the Fairy Doors?" until Tuesday, May 8th (ugh!)... worse than just my impatience... I had the Presentation at the Museum and need to get copies sent for the Book Expo in NYC. So instead of prepping for the museum... I spent my day reformatting the book files to print and make hand samples.

The good thing was that I met some really nice people at the Hands On Museum. I was ESPECIALLY happy to meet Claire, who is 8, and discuss urban fairies with her and her dad.

I received a call from Amanda Le Claire at WDET-FM. She requested an interview. FUN!


If anyone was after a "Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor" poster... I have reduced the price from $15 to $10...on-line AND at the stores that carry them. That reduces my profit margin, but it just feels like a better price. It's a bit tricksy to set the "right" price.


HURRAY! I picked up "Who's Behind the Fairy Doors?" from the printer today... 1,300 pounds of them! Now I have to start peddling them.


"Who's Behind the Fairy Doors?" is actually available at Red Shoes right now. Next weekend is the Ann Arbor Book Festival. I hope to keep tabs on the urban fairies themselves during all this.


"Who's Behind the Fairy Doors?" is being placed in stores this week. I am adding the store names, addresses, phone numbers and links on the "STUFF TO GET" page. I'd like to get back to reporting on the urban fairies, but...hey, I need to earn some money too.


The response to "Who's Behind the Fairy Doors?" has been fantastic. The STUFF TO GET page has been updated which should make it easier to order T-shirts, sweatshirts or mugs. ALSO: time to bid on the watercolor "Careful! She bites" is running out.... proceeds benefit Foodgatherers.


Hooo boy! Well, I'm off to Detroit (anyplace East of Ypsilanti is "Detroit"... give or take). I am scheduled for a live interview on "Detroit Today" on WDET 101.9FM shortly after 11am this morning. I love to talk about the urban fairies and being in the newspapers, on the radio or TV is exciting... it still makes me a bit jittery. uhhhh... welll.... ummm...


Well, that went alright. Molly Ringwald bumped me back a bit. Yes, THAT Molly Ringwald. She's been in Detroit for 8 months as the lead in "Sweet Charity". Her's was a phone interview, so I didn't get to meet her. Matt Watroba, the host of "Detroit Today" was really nice and kept the conversation going.... though I could have KEPT going and going...blah, blah,blah.


Alrighty. Tomorrow, Saturday, May 19 from 10am-5pm I will be at the Ann Arbor Book Festival. Booth #49 ~ Urban fairies Operations, on North University just beyond Hill Auditorium.
I'll have copies of "Who's Behind the Fairy Doors?" to sign and sell, as well as Posters, and cards.

The following day, Sunday, May 20 at 1pm, I will be giving a presentation/talk thingy about the Urban Fairies, their doors and history and the project, including the writing, illustration and publication of books related to the fairies.

This will be at the Modern Languages Building, BEHIND Hill Auditorium on Thayer Street, in Lecture Room 1. Books for sale and signing afterwards.


THAT was a busy weekend! The Ann Arbor Bookfestival went pretty well... though it had a grey start with rain and chill.

We met some really great people. It was fun to see the faces of people I have only heard from via e-mails. Janette & entourage from Dexter came by. Judy & Bob and Scott & Ann from Brighton who have fairy doors/rooms in THEIR homes popped in (sadly, the triple A's could not come). Linnea & Andy came with their parents from Windsor, ONT. along with a really great scrap book about urban fairies. AND old friends and family stopped by too.

Also, very special was meeting Amina-age-10 who contributed to "Who's Behind the Fairy Doors?".

We met D.J. MacHale, author of the Pendragon series, and Samuelina happened to have the first book, which she was reading. He graciously signed it and purchased a copy of "Who's Behind...?" for HIS daughter. Then he posed for a photo with Sam and both books. Sadly, Delaney could not meet him because she had prior commitments. She is a big fan of his and got ME hooked on the books.

Gave the presentaion on Sunday to a smallish, but enthusiastic "crowd" at the Modern Languages Building at UofM.


I've been busy at a bunch of stuff. Most recently, I've had to do some design work to make some actual money.

BUT... I also discovered that both Cassandra Clare (author of "City of Bones") and Holly Black (of "Spiderwick" fame...and "Ironside") have been on a book tour together. During their brief time in Ann ARbor, they were taken on a fairy door tour by the Borders YA Book buyer. And both women posted about it on their personal blogs along with photos! cool.

That prompted me to open ANOTHER "can of worms", while I have not finished eating the ones I have open now! I have a true blog started.
insane! . It's not yet "designed"...and of course THIS web-site is needing some serious attention too... maybe I can develop them in conjunction- junction what's your function?


Being DOUBLEY insane, I am also trying out and made . "Who's Behind...?" is selling well in the few places that are carrying it. Now I just need to spend a bit of time getting it placed a bit more widely.

I will also continue to work on cleaning up the web-site and documenting urban fairy news.


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