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Here you will find the 1st collection of
visual evidence of fairy sightings.
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A collection of FLAT fairy sightings.
It was pointed out to me that if you look closely at the "Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor" the upper right corner, in the window of the Ark's fairy door....there is what looks like a fairy! So I went back to look at the orginal photos that I used for the poster, the ones that Bob Foran shot. In photoshop, by adjusting the balances and levels you can see quite clearly... >>>>>>>>>>
The following photo was sent to me
by Denise (the knitter of fairy socks*)
It is unaltered.
Be sure to scroll ACROSS>>>
*(Her socks can be seen hanging on the wall beneath an acorn cap)
Note the blurred image in the lower right corner.
Luckily I have seen "Bladerunner" and various other movies and Television shows (eg. "Alias")... so I know all about digitally enhancing photographs. One can, with the proper High-tech/Top Secret hardware and software, "enhance" a 72 pixel image to show detail hidden within at super high resolution. Here is STAGE 1.
Coming into focus.
You can now clearly see the fairy wing in the lower right hand corner.
With a bit more work I should be able to interpolate the adjacent pixels and create an entire fairy image.
Here is an e-mail and attached photo from Rachel age 10, on January 22, 2006:

Dear Artist,

I was veary happy to go to the Jefferson market and see the fairy door. I
left shells (the noodle) one necklas for a fairy, and candy. I had wrote
it down in the book. About a few weeks later I visted it again but the
book was GONE!!!! I do know that fairies do not like any kind of prying.

from Rachel age 10

P.S. We just caught this fairy going inside.
The fairies (fairy?)
Entered their own vehicle in the Rolling Sculpture Car Show!

The entry was made by "PeZz".
An interpretation of PeZz is also shown.
You know... if fairies made nests (and I'm not saying they don't)... I think they might look like this. A friend of ours, who works selling plants found this nest in a potted plant, which had been transported from another momma. :(

Isn't it exquistite? right down to the flower petals and three perfect eggs.

An edible faiy nest looks almost as pretty.
August 14, 2006
I have been corresponding with 3 sisters; Emerson, her twin, Carter and their younger sister, Claire. They have received a "snail mail" letter from a fairy. Emerson has been kind enough to send photos and a transcript of the content of the letter:
"Claire ripped open the back of the envelope, but nothing great was on there except the footprints, which weren't ripped up."
the letter says this:

hello Emerson, Carter, and Claire,

Thank you for visiting our houses on Friday. Most of us sleep during day and travel
by night, so we were probably sleeping when you came by.One of our tiniest fairies,
Wela, saw you but she was afraid to come out. Wela lives at the fairy house at
Viola. She could see you from her bedroom upstairs.Faries love humans, but we fear
you might step on us, so we usually watch you from a distance. My name is Lorsa, and
I followed you to each fairy house you visited. I thought you seemed like nice
girls, and I really liked youre glasses. Fairies don't wear glasses- we have perfect
vision. I want glasses, though. I want silvery frames with pink tinted lenses.Some
day you will have to come back to Ann Arbor, and see the rest of our houses. Most
people don't know that there are 238 fairy houses in Ann Arbor. Most of them are
hidden away. We like Ann Arbor because the people here are nice and
leave us those large peices of copper called pennies. Someday I would like to visit
you and see your 4 kitties. It would take me 8 minutes to travel to you.Once you
move, it will take me 8 minutes and 12 seconds. See! I know everything about you!
CAn I write you again someday?

How about THAT!? ~jbw
August 17, 2006, 3:00 PM
I went to collect the mail and found a letter from Fairy Woodland, a company which sells wonderful fairy structures. I was expecting this letter, because I had been contacted by e-mail by Bridget Wolfe of Fairy Woodland:
Dear Jonathan,

The Fairies have delivered a missive to us which they have asked us
to forward. It's an actual letter, so it will require sending via
snail mail. Is there an address where we can send it?

Best regards,
Inside today's snail mail was a letter from Bridget and her husband, John.

an excerpt:

Dear Jonathan,

We've contacted you because we found the enclosed tiny letter on the work table in the studio surrounded by blackberry flower petals. We had seen your site on the web so recognized the name and address.

We weren't entirely surprised. We've had tiny letters dropped off before. We occasionally get letters for Fairies from children and there seem to be a couple of Fairies who enjoy corresponding with human pen pals. When we leave the children's notes on the work table, we usually find a tiny letter the next day. This is the first time, however, that we've seen a written communication from Elderhill. You and your work must have impressed him very much.

John and I are grateful for your work on the Urban Fairy front. Our work is primarily with the Fairy tribes of the forest and other wild places. We had no idea that they had begun repopulating urban areas until we happened upon your website. You have done a masterful job of documenting the phenomenon and raising awareness in the general public about the possibility that we have tiny cohabitants in our realm. (We have been told that they are only tiny in our realm - they are closer to our size when in their own. It seems that the energy it takes for them to manifest in our realm is considerable and so they minimize the problem by keeping their forms small.)

If you want to respond to Elderhill's letter we will be happy to pass your communication on to him. You can use snail mail or we'll print out email and leave it for him. We will continue to follow your work and look forward to future discoveries.

Bright Fairy Blessings,

Bridget Wolfe
John C. Crawford

The enclosed letter:
(actual size)
The content:
Dear Jonathan,

I have been told about you and your discovery of a colony of my people in Ann Arbor.

I am Elderhill, chief Bard of the Village of Filaree. My village sits at the edge of Faerie, just on the other side of thee mists that seperate our world from yours. It is my job to keep the history and memories of our village.

A very long time ago in human time, there were many roads and pathways between our worlds and humans often visited Faerie. but then your people stopped valuing us and forgot us and so Faerie slipped further and further into the mists. Only our village chose to remain close to your world so that we could watch for the time our Elders had prophisied; a time when your people would once again believe in us and search for us, allowing us to again make ourselves visible in your world.

As you have discovered, that time has come. As you continue to find evidence and write about the Fairy colony in our sister city, Ann Arbor. humans in other places will begin to see signs that the Fae are once again living among them. Because you and others have chosen to see us, the pathways between our worlds are opening again.

Thank you for being a Bard in your world and having the wisdom to tell the stories. I look forward to one day sitting before a fire with you and exchanging tales.

With respect and wishes for all Bright Blessings,
Chief Bard, Filaree
I've never been called a "Bard" before.
(I can't even play a lute)
Kathleen, on the other hand... well she does that professionally
(story telling, not lute playing).
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