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Not a "fairy" — a fairy predator!

The Fairyraptor
Silver Tongue Devil

In April 2014, while transplanting a tree in our yard, I hit something that was rock hard.
Much to my surprise, it was not just an ordinary rock:
it became obvious that it was the petrified skull of a Fairyraptor!
Like many kids, I took a turn at wanting to be an archeologist or a paleontologist. Digging in the dirt and making amazing discoveries still holds some appeal. I spent many hours at the University of Michigan's Natural History Exhibit Museum and poured over books on the wonders of ancient Egypt, especially Tutankhamun, as "The Treasures of Tutankhamun" began touring in 1972. Luckily, as a certified fairyologist, I get to indulge in that sort of exploration, extrapolation and inference. Just the other day it was warm enough, after a too long Winter, that we were digging a sizable hole for a new dogwood tree. Naturally there were roots and rocks to impede the progress. One rock was remarkably flat on one side. Not much further into the hole, I unearthed a second. I immediately recognized their association. They were two halves of a whole— in a hole. The uppers and lowers; maxilla and mandible, in fact the entire skull of what was once the terror of Cretaceous fairies! There are no teeth evident, because the Fairyraptor would mash the unfortunate fairy between its powerful pallet and crushing jaw, not unlike a frog with a dragonfly. If you are are a careful observer, such as myself, you may note the absence of orbits (eye sockets), eye holes or nasal cavities. I have determined that the senses of the fairyraptor were rather limited, BUT, like pit vipers, the fairy raptor likely had a heat-sensing organ, or a heightened sense of "taste", via a lizard-like tongue. Fairies are very difficult to see, what with their glamour and all, and their music can be enchanting— so vision and hearing could prove to be distractions while hunting fairy prey. Obviously, these specialized traits were not enough for the fairyraptors to outlast the fairies themselves — It is the "Rhombus of Life". On the bright side ( ? ) we still hear about fairies, but no one hears about fairyraptors
Fairyraptor skull, next to the excavation site.
Fairyraptor skull, revealing the fairy crushing mouth
Fairyraptor skull, jaws closed
Fairyraptor 1st concept sketch.
Fairyraptor 2nd concept sketch.
Fairyraptor 2nd concept color begins.
Fairyraptor aka "Silver Tongue Devil" color concept.
Fairyraptor aka "Silver Tongue Devil"* and prey.

*Also known as "The Silver Tongue Devil", as its long, sticky, poisonous tongue appears a sparkling iridescent silver, which is surely enticing to fairies.

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