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Fairy Droppings #3.

Also known as gifts for the fairies

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This is the third collection.
Click on the appropriate link to see the 1st , 2nd, 4th , 5th & 6th collections.

The droppings shown on these pages are only a small portion of what is left for the urban fairies.

There is some agreement that fairies like sweets.
HOWEVER, I don't think these ants are helping the fairies to bring the hapless Gummi Bear inside,
I think they are appropriating it for themselves!
I can just hear the bickering ants;
"We'll never get this thing down the hole!"
"Stop complaining and LIFT!"
"Hi Ho, Hi Ho! It's down the steps we go!"
"I don't even like the green ones"
"Did you know that gelatin is made from horse hooves?"
"You just made that up!"
"Why do those two get to RIDE?"
"Quit your chatter and put your backs into it! It's nearly winter!"
Apple Ants at Selo Shevel fairy door.
kinda like sprinkles!


Luckily, the droppings for the fairies
at Nicola's Books have been non-ant-attractive.
2 shells and 2 pennies.
Droppings at Selo/Shevel Gallery:
• Fish head & tail tickets
• Framed balloon drawing
• Tub o' butter
• TY beanie baby tag
• Green crayon

Now look CLOSER >>>>>>
Ants (again...still)

"CUMMON! Everybody turn in the SAME direction this time!""
"If we can manage this, we'll be all snug and cozy for winter."
Droppings at Sweetwaters Café:
• Rock
• Eliptical framed heart drawing
• Drawing on actos™ round note sheet
• Chocolate kiss
• Andes® mint
• Worry doll
• 11 pennies
• 2 nickels
• 2 dimes
• 2 quarters

Droppings at Peaceable Kingdom:
• 2 Lemon drops
• flower
• 2 pennies
• stick of Fruit Stripe™ gum
• Purple spherical candy
Droppings at Peaceable Kingdom:
• 3 Lemon drops
• banana "flavored" candy

quite syrupy!

<<<<<< brings to mind a new metaphor:

"Like throwing lemon drops before the rain!"

October 21, 2006
Fairy Droppings at the Red Shoes:
• Weensie dice and 3 pennies..
October 24, 2006
Fairy Droppings at the Selo/Shevel:
• The tiniest Pumpkins ever.
(two more were at The Ark)
Not actually "pumpkins", but some sort of seed pod.
• (2) tiny plastic rainbow slinkies
• One bendy doll
October 26, 2006
Fairy Droppings at the Ark:

I nearly skipped making my rounds. I was glad that I didn't! At first I thought someone had left a cauliflower!
A bottle cap, a pebble and a paperclip.
The "cauliflower" turned out to be a "cinderella" sparkle covered pump filled with reall white roses!
Because it was in the corner, I thought it might have been left for a performer at the Ark....
... when I went around the corner to the Selo-Shevel fairy door, I saw the other shoe! I'm not sure how the fairies might get the shoe-vases inside, but there is always the possiblity of magic. After all these shoes sure appear to be magical!
The NEXT day, November 5, 2006, another dropping was added:
• a not
e written on a page from the blank book:
"Dear fariys
my name is
Sophie Please
come out
I whant to
see you"
The day I first knew the Ann Arbor Distric Library had a fairy door, November 4, 2006, was the same day of the first fairy dropping there:
• another miniscule "pumpkin"
• An "O" ring blank book

Droppings #1
Droppings #2
Droppings #4
Droppings #5
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