Fairy Trapping!

a special project with special instruction and supervision.
(not recommended that you try this at home...you might get bit!)

Lakewood Elementary School. Mrs Wright's Kindergarten class.
The concept of actually TRAPPING a fairy was very appealling to kindergartenrs (and a couple of grownups)> This lead to a discussion of types of traps and what to do if a fairy is actually caught. An indepth study and "scientific" adventure began.
The following is my wife's (Mrs. Wright) account which might help explain the following photos.

Kidpeople Kindergarteners* are very interested in fairies. So in order to catch one for just a minute to study it, we built traps.

* "kidpeople" are Mrs. Wright's Lakewood Kindergarteners

For a week we talked about traps and how one could be made, made a list of supplies needed from home, and then spent a couple afternoons creating the traps We worked alone, in pairs and in small groups. Each child explained how their trap worked, and then we wrote about our creations, too. We're still waiting to catch one, though!

Here is the initial list of fairy trap supplies.
picture from 11.14.05
The original fairy trap.
Baited with coffee beans.
It seems that the fairies love the smell of coffee, but not so much the taste.
A detail of Ethan's intricate fairy trap of straws, tape and egg carton.
Ethan shows his fairy trap invention
at Lakewood Kindergarten.
November 11, 2005
Why do kidpeople look like bandits wearing bandanas?
That came about something like this:

Child A: The fairies are going to hear us when we are
making the fairy traps and they won't come out.

Mrs W: Hmmm...

Child B: So we will have to be quiet.

Child C: We are not very good at being quiet.

Child D: We could remind each other to be quiet.

Child E: Or we could put our fingers over our mouths.

Child F: But we need our hands to build.

Child G: We could use our bandanas.

Mrs W: How woul that work?

Child G: We could tie them over our mouth.

Child H: But we could still talk.

Child G: Yes, but it would remind us to talk soft.

Mrs W: Okay, then, we have a plan.
Looks like I'll have some laundry to do.

Come into my trap!
Two Fairy Banditos
Pink Fairy Bandit
The Traps Themselves:
When the fairy comes it will get stuck on this.  There are glowie things and smelly things and marshmallows and they like all these things.  ~ Annie
When they walk on here, I will move this cylinder and they will trip.  They will trip into the cup with the net.  Or, if they walk on the top part, they will bounce onto the swing and then go into the carton.  ~ Allan

This one was a park for the fairies.  If they pull that it will come off.  But they can put it back together.  They can pull it apart and put it back together many times because it is kinda fun.  They can eat the candy, too.

You open it, and while they are eating the bait, you can close it and they don’t know how to open it.  So they are trapped in til you open it again. ~ Bennet

When they go in here --- and they will because this says "this is your home" --- they will get stuck in the tunnel when they go for the marshmallows. And just for design, there is a fire, too. ~ Brady

You move the stick with the treats and they will try to get it and go in the bag.  And then I will close up the bag.  ~ Ethan

When they walk in there they will stick.  And when the stick hits the marshmallow it makes the shells fall on the ground and then the fairies come.  ~ Evan

This one is a house for them.  It has a bed and toys for them.  And this one is the trap.  The sparkle stuff is here so they like it and go in.  There are sweets and icing, which is really glue for them to get stuck in.  The tape is there to close the bag.
~ Gina

Four children worked on this together and each has a specific explanation for their contribution:

When they come they get stuck on the sticky thing and we will give them a treat.
~ Iman

If a fairy goes in there, there is a chocolate chip, and they will get stuck in there.
~ Dani

These are like candles on it.  Maybe they will think we are lighting a fire.  They won’t be able to get out then.  ~ Lauren

The other fairies will be stuck because we put this ring around them and they will get stuck. And there is a little swing so they might lay on it.  ~ Emma

The fairies go in the tube and they get stuck.  Or if they go in the big part they will get stuck on the tape.  The sweets are everywhere so when they try to get them, they will get stuck.  The sticks are there so they will trip over them and I can study them.  ~ James

It is a cake for the fairies.  These are the spoons.  They will stick to it when they try to eat it.  ~ Kate

There was a candy in there but it is gone now.  I think they took it!!!!  They could go in there and all these colors look like candy and they can go from one to the other.

There is a boat and when the fairies come out of their boat they each get their own string, and they climb up and they have to have a turn to climb up.  They will go in the shopping bag, but there is nothing in there, cause I surprised them.  ~ Nanako

They go into the cup to get the treats, and they get stuck in the glue then. ~ Rowan

They eat some treats and when they try to get the sparkly stuff or this or this, or the shell, they get stuck.  One side of the treat is open and they can use their magic to open the rest.   ~ Will

Someone has to be flying it so the fairies think that it is a fairy headquarters plane.  This is a bed-thingy so they can lay down.  If they go inside they will be trapped by the net and it they go on top they will be stuck on the sticky stuff. 

With this other one they can walk on there, but their foot will get stuck in the loop.  They can try for the sweets, but they will stuck.  And if they go up high they will get stuck while hanging down from it.  ~ Zoe

Sorry - no picture

They walk on this and they get stuck, and then they can hang upside down, while they are stuck.  ~ Nicholas

Sorry - no picture

They have to walk up here to get the fairy dust in here.  When they see the eyes they will try to run away but this thing will block them.  ~ Charanya

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