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Here you will find the2nd collection of
visual evidence of fairy sightings.
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A collection of FLAT fairy sightings.
October 7, 2006
Catherine Thursby of Red Shoes sent the following e-mail and pictures:
Hi Jonathan,
the weirdest thing happened today,  you can ask your wife!   she happenend to stop by while I was all jacked up on coffee and spazzy,  and must have already thought I was nuts,  however,  that's not where it ended....the madness continued,  when I went downstairs and turned on my video monitor.  I have a little t.v. monitor that points towards the fairy door and the big door so I can see when people come into the shop from downstairs in the basement.   I saw the strangest reflection on the door,  close by the fairy door,  that was too bizarre for words.
  we occasionally see flashes of lights,  and the music c.d. player will turn on at times for no apparent reason,  but this was kind of special.
see what you think!

Clik on the screen above to see high-tech enhancements.
Unaltered images sent from Catherine Thursby from her security monitor.
Here we have a photo of a fairy house in a box. Sent from: "Naomi (old),
Elijah (4) and Max (2). The sign on the lefts reads: "NO Cats" and I am told that the table is set with littel shells and chop sticks! ~ 11.27.2006
<< This is Elijah (at 3) and Max (at 1).
I was downtown early one morning and looking down I saw the shadows of three tiny chairs on the sidewalk. No chairs sitting there and I suppose I scared away anybody who might have been seated on these invisible pieces of furniture, because I cast the only other shadow.
Sat, January 20, 2007, I received the following e-mail,
along with the attached photo:
Hi Jonathan,

Here in Ailsa Craig Ontario we have a proliferation of fairies. Ailsa Craig means "faerie rock" in Gaelic.

If you look in many of the local gardens (in the summer of course because fairies go south for the winter) you will find a number of fairy houses just like the one in this photo.

Fairies are magic. In mid June, at night, they fly about using lanterns, going
from tree to tree, looking for things that only fairies look for.


Photo taken 8am, Thursday 2.22.07
Was that sign always there? (is that grammatically correct?)
I know that parking in Ann Arbor has always been an issue,
but who have they hired as parking enforcement officers?
< SURE it's not a "fairy" sighting, but somehow I suspect that they may be behind this.
Clik on image to enlarge
Yet another fairy door in Ann Arbor... at the ISR building.
First, my camera goes missing, then when I find it, there is THIS picture on it. Looks like someone leaping over the camera.
I received this photograph from Jennifer of four fairies!

She claims their names are:
Stella, Gracie, Hannah & Vivian

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