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Here you will find visual evidence of
FLAT fairy sightings.
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I first noticed the "Flat Fairies" on January 8, 2007.
As soon as I saw these paper thin fairies, I grabbed my camera because I knew they were something especially unique among unique things!
A page of assorted sightings.
The fairy drawings now have their own Gallery.
More fairy doors now have their own Page.
I have sat on the
stool-of-obliviousness, myself.
The following day (1.10.07),
on my way to "work".
Flat fairies buzzing about
The Ann Arbor Framing Company.
These guys are always happy!
Heading in or out? It was difficult to tell for sure, as the door was never opened (while I watched).

Though the suncame through the clouds and provided some nice light. >
Lori opened up the store for me and inside flat fairies were everywhere.

Around the Fairy Door poster,
amongst the gazillion frame samples and in the candy dish!
Lori just phoned this morning.
Apparently THESE flat fairies
have abandoned the rest (at least for now).
They are STILL hovering around the candy bowl!
So... how did these flat fairies end up here and everywhere I go?

I have some ideas.
As to their ability to get around town so fast:

Grillin' ™
I've thought about this before... According to Brian Froud and Terry Jones, who have documented and verified "Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book" and
"Lady Cottington's Fairy Album", fairies, when "squashed" between pages of a book, are not harmed. LIKEWISE, I imagine that a fairy leaping in front of a moving vehicle, might only be flattened a bit, rather than squashed like a bug (or small child!).
A fairy doing this could ride along with little energy spent and peel itself off upon reaching its destination.

As I noted, crudely*, in my Sketchbook/journal on 4.11.05.

* Not every work is a masterpiece. Briliant, yes. Masterpiece, no.
Subsequently substantiated on January 9, 2007.

I pulled up to "work" and reflected in the glass door of the building, I saw a curious image. Going around to the front of the Bug I could clearly see how the flat fairies have been grillin ™. You can see it too:

NOT a safe thing to try.
YOU are not as resilliant as a fairy, flat or otherwise.
You would be squashed like a bug (insect not car).
If the flat fairies are still around, I will add more.
Apparently the flat fairies are still around.
A shot taken at the Ann Arbor District Library.
An interesting observation about this "clan" (?) of Flat Fairies:
they have names and are LABELED as such.
Their backsides have writing which indicates that they are all WATERS fairies from North Carolina.
They are "4th Grade"! Flat Fairies, which indicates that there is some sort of hierarchy amongst the flat fairies and THESE are rather advanced... beyond the 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels.

I was not aware of a fairy grading system.

Their names are;
Alex, Angela, Bella, Cole, Cory, Derrick, Hannah,
Jaquelin, John, Jordan, Marissa, Pedro, Rachael & Shannon,
(Not quite as "exotic" as I might have guessed,
though they MIGHT be adopting names that humans can understand or pronounce?)

It was kinda tricky to gather all their names. They had to be STILL, which is not a fairy speciality AND facing away... investigating something they found interesting. I did not photograph their backsides as they may have been embaressed by that...
though fairies generally don't exhibit our hang-ups.

The Flat Waters-Fairies seemed to have flown home to North Carolina.
Before they left They visted Nicola's Books and Lakewood Elementary School.
Luckily, Kathleen called me about their visit to her kindergarten classroom.
Here are JUST the Flat Waters-Fairies in Mrs. Wright's classroom.
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